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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

D8 Monday: Rockway Win Sets Up Tiebreaker

The Rockway Flames defeated the St. David Celtics in the biggest game on yesterday's D8 senior schedule, squeaking out a 61-60 road victory last night in Waterloo.

The win will create a three-team tiebreaker today at Monsingor Doyle, with Doyle having the "first round bye" as a result of a better +/- against higher-ranked teams.  As such, Rockway and St. David will play at 3:00pm, with the winner having a short turnaround and playing again about 45 minutes later against the host Mustangs (5:00pm).  Thus, it is Monsignor Doyle that has the current "inside track" at the CWOSSA "AAA" berth --- St. David must win both of their games in order to advance.

With regards to yesterday's game, Steve Veltri netted 14 while Nathanial Kara, Jacob Revssar and Alex Sheedy all contributed 9 each for the Flames.  Jake Winter (15), Francis Simon (12) and Phil Ciomplick (12) all scored in double-digits for the Celts.

In other action, the Resurrection Phoenix blasted the St. Benedict Saints 60-22.  Both teams mainly played their reserves in this one, and the deeper Phoenix cruised to victory.  Expect to see things a lot more hotly contested when these clubs tip-off in playoff action on Wednesday.  Stephen Cordle (14) and Tyler Bartley (9) led the way for Rez, while Tyler Moulton had 9 and Shawn Ramos 4 for the Saints.

Lastly, St. Mary's had grade 10 forward Mike Blumel playing up, and he led all scorers with 15 points as the Eagles cruised to a 57-22 win over MDCSS.  Henry Bankazo added 7, while Tyler Saris had 8 for Doyle.

Final D8 Senior Standings
1.  St. Mary's 10-0
2.  Resurrection 8-2
3.  St. Benedict 6-4
T4.  Rockway 2-8
T4.  Mons Doyle 2-8
T4.  St. David 2-8

Playoff Tiebreak - Today at MDCSS
Game A:  Rockway vs. St. David, 3:00pm
Game B:  Winner of A vs. MDCSS, 5:00pm

Semifinals - Wed., Feb 15
(4) Tiebreak Winner at (1) St. Mary's - 3:30pm
(3) St. Benedict at (2) Resurrection - 3:30pm

Over in the junior circuit, the Resurrection Phoenix locked up 3rd spot in the standings with a strong 50-26 win over the St. Benedict Saints, who will finish 4th.  Mack Smith (18 points) paced three Phoenix in double-figures, with Mark Wylie (10) and Andrew Pickett (10) being the others.  Aaron Zammit (10) and Alan McIntosh (7) led the way for the Saints.

The other two contests went as expected.  St. David dumped Rockway 56-20, with Dashaun Lalor (22) and George Dumitru (15) leading the way for the Celts.  Simon Pudwell had 11 and Michael Born 5 for Rockway.

Lastly, Mike Blumel led the way with 13 (pretty impressive - being the leading scorer in both the junior and senior game!) and his teammate Efosa Agbonze also had 13 as SMHS cruised to a 75-20 win over Doyle.  Liam Rivard (12) and Tyler Beatty (5) topped the Mustang attack.

Final D8 Junior Standings
1.  St. Mary's 12-0
2.  St. David 10-2
3.  Resurrection 8-4
4.  St. Benedict 6-6
5.  Mons Doyle 3-9
6.  Woodland 3-9
7.  Rockway 0-12

Wednesday Semifinals
(4) St. Benedict at (1) St. Mary's - 5:00pm
(3) Resurrection at (2) St. David - 4:30pm

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