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Thursday, January 07, 2010

WCSSAA Results: Thursday, January 7th

Still awaiting the KCI/Forest Heights score (I'm assuming an FHCI win) and the big score between Huron Heights/Cameron Heights. So if you have them, feel free to comment or send an email.

Update from a blog reader: Cameron Heights defeated Huron Heights.

Anyways, here goes:


SJAM 55, Elmira 12
My Pick Was: SJAM

Welcome back, Theshawn Berry and Connor Bradley! They hit the scoring sheet with 11 and 8 minutes respectively, albeit in limited minutes. Aaron Nafziger (8) and Stuart Arsenault (4) accounted for all of the Elmira scoring.

Waterloo CI 56 Galt 27
My Pick Was: WCI

The Vikes get prepared for this weekend's Phoenix-Husky Invitational by dispatching of Galt with ease. Looks like the starters got a lot of rest, as evidenced by some guys you don't usually see as their leading scorers: Jeyan Thangaraj (8), Jeremy Scott (7), and John McGowan (7). Jack Simmons led GCI with 8.

Grand River 61 Southwood 31
My Pick Was: GRCI

Chris Coates poured in 16 points and Filip Cvrkalj added 14 as the Rens don't slip up on the road. Zac Sauer had another strong outing for Southwood with 16 of his own.

Eastwood 41 Glenview Park 33
My Pick Was: GPSS

Upset city as the 1-4 Rebels take care of the 3-2 Panthers. Not sure what happened here for Glenview as Andrew Squires was nowhere to be seen in the leading scorers. Jerelle Vaughan (14) and Djordje Govedarica (11) paced Eastwood while Sean Davidson chipped in 7 for Glenview.

Jacob Hespeler 79 Bluevale 36
My Pick Was: JHSS

So is somebody nominating Jason Quiring for Mark Bryson's top 10 this week? After a 27 point outburst the other night, he goes off for 40 today as the Hawks blast the Knights by 43. Lucas Marsden added 14 for JHSS, while John Efechaobar was the high Bluevale scorer with 7.

Waterloo-Oxford 44 Preston 33
My Pick Was: PHS

Not really an upset as both teams entered with 2-3 records, but the Panthers were playing better. Big win for the Crusaders, especially with their schedule featuring a lot of the 4A schools. Wes Meertens again led Preston (and all scorers) with 21 while Drew Bryan had 14 for W-O.

Junior Standings:
1. SJAM 5-0
T2. Huron Heights 5-1
T2. Forest Heights 5-1
T2. Waterloo CI 5-1
T2. Cameron Heights 5-1
6. Jacob Hespeler 4-2
T7. Glenview Park 3-3
T7. Grand River 3-3
T7. Waterloo-Oxford 3-3
T10. KCI 2-4
T10. Eastwood 2-4
T10. Preston 2-4
T13. Bluevale 1-5
T13. Galt 1-5
T13. Southwood 1-5
16. Elmira 0-6


SJAM 64 Elmira 38
My Pick Was: SJAM

Ben Reyhani and Kwame Botchway did some damage from distance (20 and 15 respectively) as the Highlanders stay in the thick of things at the top of the standings. Scott Albrecht was again in double figures for Elmira with 13 points.

Cameron Heights 58 Huron Heights 34
My Pick Was: CHCI

Look for these schools to start to become bigger rivals in coming years, especially the way things have started out this year in junior. Stefan Arezina led the Gaels with 13, while rookie Adnan Shah put home 10. Shayan Butt was back atop the Husky scorers with 17 points.

Waterloo CI 50 Galt 31
My Pick Was: WCI

WCI could have been a bit disappointed from their Tuesday result but they rebounded nicely and took care of the Ghosts. Jasper Wesson (16) and Alex Copp (10) provided the scoring punch for the Vikes, while Tyler Audet led GCI with 17.

Southwood 70 Grand River 39
My Pick Was: SSS

Yikes -- Grand River continues to slide further down the standings. Possible remedy for that? Games against WO and JHSS next week, but those wins won't come without a fight from those teams.

For SSS, Brian Doran (16) and Mackenzie Collins (14) led the way. Top rookie Brody Verbiski paced GRCI with 15 points.

Preston 60 WODSS 47
My Pick Was: PHS

With Jeff Robinson not playing, Abe Upshaw and Chris Ackie picked up the slack scoring 17 each. For Waterloo-Oxford, Coulton Roe and Tyler Bowman were double figure scorers with 10 apiece.

Forest Heights 83 KCI 82
My Pick Was: FHCI

Heck of a game over at KCI apparently as the shootout goes to the Trojans. Taylor McNaughton found his groove with a game high 39 points while Jon Anglin had 16 for FHCI. Arben Kalaba had a big 34-point effort for the Raiders with Darnell Simpson adding 16 points.

Glenview Park 65 Eastwood 62
My Pick Was: GPSS

So what did the Panthers do over the break? Undefeated in 2010 after a road win at Eastwood. Cory Prince (GPSS) and Steffon Heyliger (ECI) each join the 20+ club with 20 on the button.

Bluevale 61 Jacob Hespeler 38
My Pick Was: BCI

No trouble for the Knights on the road as they prepare for the SBCSS tourney this weekend. Stefan Cvrkalj had 17 and sixth-man Perrin Smith added 12 for Bluevale. The Hespeler Hawks were led by Sanam Arora and Brady Barvenik, who had 9 each.

Updated Senior Standings:
1. Bluevale 6-0
T2. SJAM 5-1
T2. Southwood 5-1
T2. Waterloo CI 5-1
T5. Cameron Heights 4-2
T5. Forest Heights 4-2
T5. Preston 4-2
8. KCI 3-3
T9. Glenview Park 2-4
T9. Jacob Hespeler 2-4
T9. Grand River 2-4
T9. Galt 2-4
T13. Waterloo-Oxford 1-5
T13. Elmira 1-5
T13. Eastwood 1-5
T13. Huron Heights 1-5


  1. Anonymous10:06 PM

    HHSS 49 CHCI 57

    Vedran Dmitrovic had 27

  2. Anonymous10:09 PM

    KCI 18 FHCI 58