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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

D10 Junior: Tuesday, January 12th

A couple of close ones in D10 today.

Firstly, the game that I omitted from yesterday.....

Centennial 49 GCVI 47
CCVI: Aleks Kaludjerovic 17, Ed Gray 17, Erik Sterne 10
GCVI: Landon McLaren 18

And today's action.....

Bishop Mac 57 St. James 53
BMAC: Alex Quintieri 18, Mitchell Wood 16
STJ: Zach McClenaghan 16, Liam McCormack 11

GCVI 61 Orangeville 28
GCVI: Landon McLaren 20, Aaron Loder 8
ODSS: Kyle Holmes 9

Lourdes 47 Centre Wellington 36
OLOL: Chris Watson 14, Anthony Joaquim 8
CW: Trevor Hisler & Braewyn Bird 9

Centennial 54 JF Ross 53
CCVI: Ed Gray 22, Erik Sterne 17
JFR: Nick Maule 16, Mike Friesen 14

Current D10 Junior Standings:
1. Bishop Mac 11-0
2. Lourdes 10-1
3. Centennial 7-5
4. St. James 6-5
5. JF Ross 5-6
6. CWDHS 3-8
7. GCVI 3-9
8. Orangeville 0-11

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