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Monday, January 18, 2010

Best Gym in CWOSSA: Part I

I'm going to preface this poll by saying that this is by no means intended to create some drama. Also, we can all agree that this poll (similar to Josh Brown's "best sports high school in Waterloo Region" last year) will be far from scientific.

Basically, I'm curious as to what you readers think the best gym in CWOSSA is. Parents/fans, feel free to contribute as well --- the fan experience is equally valuable.

Having played in a lot of these gyms (and also experiencing things now from the "fan perspective"), I'll chip in my two cents and preview some of the pros of each facility once we get down to the finals.

The "fan vote" will account for 2/3 of the final result, while my opinion will count for 1/3.

Today, we will start with the WCSSAA & D8 leagues.

Semifinal #1 - WCSSAA (Top 3 Qualify for Finals)
Bluevale CI
Waterloo CI
Forest Heights
Grand River
Huron Heights
Cameron Heights
Glenview Park

Jacob Hespeler

Semifinal #2 - District 8 (Top 1 Qualifies)
Monsignor Doyle
St. Benedict
St. David
St. Mary's


  1. Clever poll, Mark. My top three are Cameron Heights, Sir John A. Macdonald and KCI.

  2. Anonymous1:54 AM

    Prestons gym is probably the best in wcssaa then id say sjams next. Also J.R KCI are you serious, try playing on it

  3. Anonymous8:04 AM

    sorry J.R.... but how could you pick KCI?... that court barely gives room for three balls at the sidelines and is regularily stifling hot...
    my picks: WCI, CHCI, SJAM

  4. Some interesting comments. Keep in mind that you can vote however you like and we (or my vote anyways) probably isn't going to be for the "best facility".

    I'm going to be looking at things from a player's perspective, a fan's perspective (i.e. seating), history/team spirit (banners? logos?).....

    To follow up on the WCSSAA comments:

    SJAM & Huron Heights - obviously the newest facilities.

    WCI - They've improved the lighting there since my playing days. Solid amount of spectator seating. The board with the player numbers/names is always a nice touch.

    KCI - I'll stick up for my alma mater a bit here. From a fan's perspective, I think this is one of the best. In big games, the fan atmosphere is intense (and you're basically right on top of the action). Nothing like it in the playoffs. From a player's perspective, tight sidelines (if you're a size 13+, you're in trouble....).

    Preston - I've always liked the grandstand seating behind the backboard. Unique.

    CHCI - Biggest capacity, central location.....aka reasons why the WCSSAA finals are held here.

  5. I put KCI down from a fan's perspective. It's cramped for both players and fans but it's definitely a raucous atmosphere for the big games. One of the best. There's been a number of times where late in games that crowd has influenced the outcome with noise.

  6. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Doyle's gym is a character gym with all the right things going four it, great floor, fans, lighting. Fans are close to the action and I think its the only gym in CWOSSA where they play the national anthem before sr games. Kinda kool. Seems like others agree.